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4 Simple Steps to Make Your Rise Application Stand Out

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Applying for Rise is an easy and straightforward process, we don’t want any lengthy application forms to get in the way of us having the chance to learn about who you are and what makes you tick! When reviewing applications, there are certain things that we want to see in terms of passion, commitment and individuality. So, here we’ll break down how you can make your application stand out in just 4 simple steps!

  1. Give us an insight into you and your background.

First and foremost, we want to get to know you as a person. We want to know what drives and motivates you, so tell us about your background and what brings you to us. This could be past experience, education or anything that has impacted the person you are today that you think we should know about. The better we know you, the more we’ll understand if we’re best placed to help you in your career.

  1. Tell us why you should be considered.

Secondly, we want to understand why you think you’re right for Rise. What do you have to offer the digital, creative and tech industry? Whether it’s your interests, skills or personality, make sure you let us know why we need you on the programme! Top tip: we’re really looking for people who have genuine ambitions to break into the industry and will put the work and commitment into making this happen.

  1. Be honest and authentic.

This is very important for us. It might be tempting to tell us what you think we want to hear but in fact, we really want to get to know the real you. The thing that we value most is authenticity in applications, which means you shouldn’t be afraid to be yourself. Show off your personality and be honest about where you’re at in the current stage of your career – we have a strict no judgement policy!

  1. Show off your talent.

We want to see something that shows your creative side. We don’t want to be prescriptive here but we want you to share your talents with us. This is your chance to stand out! It’s also a great opportunity for us to learn more about your interests and passions so that, if you are successful in joining the programme, we can see where your skill set lies when it comes to connecting you to a job you’ll love.

Applications for Rise in Greater Manchester are still open! Apply now on our website to be considered for our June intake.