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From School Leaver, To Board of Trustees

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As a 18-year-old, inexperienced sixth form leaver, I was always determined to strive for more. After leaving education, I took the risk of not applying for university as it simply wasn’t part of my plan. Luckily, I discovered the Rise programme by Agent Academy, which helped me to land my much-loved role as Admin Assistant.

Six months into my role, I applied to become a trustee at Be One Percent. Be One Percent is a North West-based charity which enables individual members to donate 1% of their monthly income (or an alternative chosen amount) to help end poverty in the world’s poorest communities.

Be One Percent was set up in 2011 by Matt Johnson and Steve Pilgrim, when they considered what the impact could be if people donated just 1% of their monthly income to those living in extreme poverty. The charity runs projects worldwide to solve a variety of issues around education, health and wellbeing, and the sustainability of communities. Over the past 11 year, the charity’s members have funded an incredible 134 life changing projects!

As a trustee, along with other Board members, I share the responsibility of deciding who receives a Be One Percent grant. We try to find the most effective charities working in their field, and partner with them on projects which will have a lasting impact. We come up with a diverse calendar of 12 projects, focusing on different areas of poverty across the developing world, to ensure the donations we receive are going as far as possible.

I am now one year into my job and six months into being a trustee, and despite starting out with little experience or direction, the faith my colleagues and fellow trustees have shown in me has increased my confidence hugely.

Fortunately, I have been involved in events, supporting the delivery of crucial projects and changing people’s lives (in both roles!). Without taking intimidating leaps after leaving education, I wouldn’t be where I am today, know the people I know or have experienced what I have. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to blossom into the young professional that I always wanted to be. Becoming a trustee of Be One Percent is truly one of my proudest moments so far in my professional career.

If you’d like to calculate the impact your 1% would make and become a member, click here.