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Highlighting LGBTQ+ Organisations in the Digital and Creative Fields

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At Agent Academy, we believe in celebrating diversity and inclusivity in the digital and creative industries. As we commemorate Pride Month, we want to highlight some incredible LGBTQ+ organisations that are making a significant impact in these fields. From supporting artists to empowering youth and promoting inclusive environments, these organisations are driving positive change.


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Homotopia, a Liverpool-based arts and social justice organisation, has been a prominent force for 18 years. Their commitment to artist development and socially engaged art has created a space for LGBTQIA+ artists to thrive. Homotopia organises the Homotopia festival, a year-long Queer Core artist development programme, and the Young Homotopia group for young individuals seeking self-expression. With a focus on promoting a safe and supportive environment, Homotopia is a valuable resource for those looking to grow their artistic talents.


Exist Loudly CIC

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Exist loudly, founded by activist and youth worker Tanya Compas FRSA, is dedicated to supporting Black LGBTQ+ youth in the UK. Through digital storytelling, creativity, and events, they provide a platform for young individuals to express themselves. Exist loudly also offers emergency funds and employability support for those in need. Their collaborative efforts with brands like ASOS and Collusion have helped amplify Black creatives’ voices and drive impactful change.



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QueerAF is an independent platform that aims to launch the careers of LGBTQIA+ creatives in media. With a focus on mentoring, journalism, and content creation, they provide valuable opportunities for aspiring individuals in the industry. Their podcast and newsletters contribute to a media landscape that reflects the diverse experiences and stories of the LGBTQIA+ community.


Other notable LGBTQ+ Organisations:

  • Manchester Queer Art Market

Instagram: @mcrqueerartmarket

As we acknowledge pride month, it is crucial to recognise and support LGBTQ+ Organisations that are making a significant impact in the digital and creative fields. From providing artist development opportunities to empowering marginalised communities, these organisations create spaces where LGBTQ+ people can thrive and express themselves authentically. We encourage you to explore their work, engage with their platforms, and contribute to a more inclusive and diverse industry.