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Neurodiversity Celebration Week

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Becoming aware of my ADHD diagnosis transformed the way I saw myself, and a lot of the struggles that I had dealt with in school and in my career journey began to make sense.

In school, I often struggled with paying attention in class and was criticized by teachers for my lack of concentration, who not realising that it was due to my neurodiversity. At the time, I also wasn’t aware of why I struggled so much with my attention span and found myself being self-critical and downplaying achievements I made. Whilst there was a support system I had in school and university who did understand that there was more to my struggles, I still felt alone in my neurodiversity.

Once I discovered the possibility of me having ADHD, I immediately looked into testing and support systems available. I was then able to explain what I had been struggling with and the support I got from lecturers and friends gave me a sense of security. Not only that, the growing public knowledge of neurodiversity was spreading, which gave people an understanding of what I struggled with.

The availability of testing and opportunity for extra support is ground-breaking for me. I no longer worry about the prospect of senior managers not understanding my neurodiversity, but instead feel reassured that I would be supported, and the proper measures would be taken to ensure I can work effectively. This could be taking extra time to make sure I understand something or understanding that sometimes I may need to take a walk to counter my restlessness.

Now I find myself on Agent Academy’s Rise programme, where not only have I received so much support in regards to ADHD, but it’s also helping me to understand how my ADHD does not impede on me getting a job compared to anyone else. Already, I’ve found that I can learn at my own speed and the added pressure I felt in during my school years no longer applies. I am confident that that I am in no way lacking and the feeling of imposter syndrome is slowly lessening. Since being on the programme, I am beginning to trust myself more and trust that any work environments I may get into will be supportive and reciprocating of my ADHD.