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The Many Hats of a Social Media Marketer

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It’s no secret that jobs in social media are rapidly on the rise. As the role of digital becomes increasingly important in our lives, it’s no wonder career opportunities in this sector are high in demand. While careers in social media are commonly associated with creativity requirements and backgrounds, there is a whole host of skills, knowledge, and experience that contribute to being successful in this fast-emerging role.  

Below, we’ve collated a breakdown of the different skill sets needed to be a social media maestro!  


It goes without saying that having the ability to create exciting, engaging and buzz-worthy content is a given in a social media role. This can come in many forms, from humour, aesthetics, and jumping on social trends to ensure your content reaches the eye of your audience and most importantly, fulfils your businesses outcomes. You don’t have to be a creative mastermind to do this well, either. Keeping up to date with current trends is a smart gateway into gold standard content! 


Copywriters of the world, this is your time to shine! A role in social media isn’t all fun TikTok’s and Reels. In fact, an ability to write engaging copy that clearly communicates with the intended audience and is free of grammatical errors holds great importance in the social media realm.  

Writing is the underdog in the world of social media skills, as without precise, persuasive and appealing copy, your creative content will simply flop. It’s high pressure, but high reward! 


An understated skill in the world of social media is the ability to analyse your data and transform it into productive action on a regular basis. Think engagement, impressions, and reach. These are the indicators of how well you engage with your audience, how well they engage with you and ultimately the return results you’re achieving for you or your business. Understanding the difference between quantitative and qualitative data is also key to analysing your social performance – after all, numbers never lie!  


A social media executive is nothing without a plan. Being able to devise, implement and manage an effective social strategy that hits all the key points is vital in any social media role. This includes being able to understand your audience, what kind of content they engage with and what time your posts will achieve the highest reach. A successful social media strategy requires constant effort to ensure that your content is planned and relevant to both your audience and business goals. 

Social media has created huge scope for businesses to harness a talented workforce of creatives with a broad range of skills that can be utilised in various ways. There is a real prize in working in the social media industry, and that’s seeing real-time results from work that has gone through multiple stages of creation. If you excel in any of the skills stated here, social media might just be the career for you, because no one size fits all.