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5 Things You’re Guaranteed to Leave Rise With

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Picture this. You’ve just completed Rise and you’re ready and raring to make your mark on the creative and digital industries. So, what are the key things that you’ll now be equipped with that will guarantee you get the head-start you need? We’ll tell you!

A better understanding of the creative and digital world.

In an industry that is constantly evolving with new trends and insights, we want you to stay ahead of the game. Our industry designed and delivered curriculum means after 12 weeks of learning, you’re leaving Rise with a new-found knowledge on all things strategy, creative, digital and campaigns! You’ll use this to impress your new employer and hit the ground running in your new role.

Solid, real-world work experience.

We all know that industry is crying out for bright, young talent to join their workforce. However, a big barrier preventing this is the need for previous work experience. This is the age-old catch-22 situation: you need experience to get a job, but you can’t gain experience until you have a job. It’s a real headache in itself! We are putting a stop to all this; you will leave Rise having worked with a real-life client who has enlisted your help to solve a problem that they’re facing. You get the experience you need to land a job and they get your critical insight and expertise.

A network of professionals to add to your little black book.

Some of our learners start their journey into industry knowing not a single person to help them navigate the intimidating world. After having met and conversed with over 30 industry experts during your time on Rise, you will leave the programme with a whole host of contacts that will undoubtedly always come in handy! Building relationships is key to a successful career and that’s why we’re passionate about putting you in front of the decision makers.

An impressive CV and portfolio.

In order to land a job, your CV must be in great shape to stand out to employers and set you apart from the crowd! We’re here to lend a helping hand, through one-to-one sessions, you’ll get tailored advice and recommendations on how to make your CV a page-turner! You’ll leave Rise feeling confident that your CV will perfectly reflect your experience and skills, making the rest of the journey a breeze.

A group of life-long friends and fellow industry connections!

It may sound cheesy, but Rise is a place where you can grow professionally and personally. This includes meeting people who you may otherwise not have met and finding that your shared ambitions and goals bring you together in a unique way. You’ll never forget the 12 weeks that you’ve spent with this group of people and the long-lasting bond that you’ll have gained. Plus, your Rise group will become your industry peers that you can lean on for advice and help when needed.

If all of this has confirmed your decision to begin your Rise journey, why wait? Apply now on our website to join our next Greater Manchester intake!