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Conquering the post-grad job market: Sumbal’s Agent Academy journey

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I’m sure many people can relate to post-grad anxiety. I graduated university last Summer with an English degree, and whilst my peers fell seamlessly into their respective careers, I didn’t feel any closer to finding a path towards my dream career.

After taking some time to travel, with the intention of exposing myself to opportunities for self-development, I realised a major roadblock to following my desired path was a lack of self-confidence. It was preventing me from even applying for roles in the first place.

A friend of mine had recommended Agent Academy, having completed the Rise programme herself the year before. She reiterated how it could benefit someone in my position, who was unsure about how to navigate the job market and felt like they had little to no professional experience. After completing the programme myself, I can confirm that she was right.

The 12-week programme focused on building our knowledge and confidence by aiding us on a live client brief. We worked with Progressive Energy, on their pioneering project HyNet, our task being to recommend potential marketing strategies for their future recruitment campaigns.

Over the weeks, we met with project managers, graphic designers, and a wide range of marketing professionals in the hopes they would impart some of their knowledge. However, these meetings proved to be an invaluable opportunity beyond the project itself; as they provided an avenue to hear about others career trajectories, as well as moments of guidance.

This gave me a chance to expand my network and be introduced to people across different agencies, whilst allowing me to explore various opportunities available in Liverpool.

As we conclude the programme, I’m able to reflect on the changes to my own personal and professional confidence and witness the transformation this growth has had. Through navigating the project, building great relationships, and receiving support throughout the job application process, I can confirm that the programme has been an incredibly valuable experience, and one that I will continue to recommend for others like myself.

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