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From Passion to Profession: Gemma’s experience with Agent Academy

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The Rise programme is a gateway to endless opportunities for young talent in the North West, enabling them to unlock their potential and pursue fulfilling careers in marketing, digital and creative.  

Today, we’re excited to share the story of Gemma Sparkes, who joined us in September 2021. Through the programme, Gemma found her way to full-time employment with Marketing Liverpool, part of Liverpool City Council, where she now thrives as a Digital Marketing Executive. 

She was recently featured on Northern Power Women’s Podcast, where she touches on how she fought against the odds for her success story. She was also featured on the Northern Power Women Future List 2023. 


How did Agent Academy help shape your personal and professional growth? 

“Agent Academy taught me real world skills that those within the industry are using. They also offered support after the programme to not only make sure that I was settling into my new role well, but to make sure I had all the tools I needed to excel.” 


What skills or knowledge did you gain during the programme that have been beneficial in your career? 

“I gained marketing skills and skills in public speaking! Agent Academy really helped me to come out of my shell and truly use my voice for good. The marketing skills I learned not only helped me in my job, and still do, but they are industry-relevant – not something you can learn from a textbook.” 


How did your experience influence your career choices and progress? 

“It influenced my career choices by cementing that I do want to have a future in the marketing industry. My experience opened my eyes up to the potential career growth you can have in the industry.” 


What would you say to people considering joining the programme? 

“Just do it! It’s a free course, so you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.” 


Gemma’s dedication, growth and achievements are a testament to the impact that a real-life client challenge, as well as learning networking and digital skills, can have on shaping your future career.  

If you’re seeking a platform to unlock your potential and pursue a career you’ll love, apply for our September programme today to start a career you’ll love. 


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