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From Passion to Profession: Jessica Stevens

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Join us as we catch up with Jessica Stevens, Rise Programme alumni and Business Graduate at CGI, to delve into her journey of growth and success: 

“Being part of the Agent Academy community helped me find the motivation to achieve something greater than myself. We were given a brief by an external company and worked together as a group to deliver on it.  

Our brief was centred around improving public services for young people. The insight and perspective I got into this sector, as well as the introduction into professional networks around Manchester, really pushed my personal and professional growth to the next level.  

There were lots of different experiences I took part in throughout my time at Agent Academy, allowing me to grow my professional and creative skills and develop industry knowledge. I believe my confidence, presentation skills, and the ability to learn and grow have really helped me in my current role, as I interact with many people on a daily basis. I regularly present to different audiences, which of course requires different communication styles – a skill I definitely picked up during my time on the programme. 

My current employer, CGI, was actually the client who set us the brief for our programme. The scope and target audience for the task really interested me, as I had the opportunity to really make a difference in the lives of young people and how they may engage with public services. This eventually led me to a graduate role with CGI – considering how much I loved the client challenge whilst on-programme, I knew it was somewhere I could see myself work and grow.  

Anyone wanting to take part in the Rise programme, I would say to get the most out of it – take an active part in your participation. Post what you do on your LinkedIn profile, connect and network with the industry professionals you meet. Embrace the challenge and learning opportunity, come with an open mind with regards to who you’ll meet and what you’ll be participating in – and make the most of the 12 weeks!  

Feel the fear and do it anyway!”  

With inspiring stories like Jessica’s, the Rise programme continues to unlock incredible opportunities for young talent, empowering them to move on to the next step in their careers.  


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