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Helping emerging talent fulfil their potential – Social Mobility Day

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Samantha Quinn, Head of Programmes at Agent Academy.


Supporting emerging talent across Manchester and Liverpool means hearing many unique stories of success and fulfilled potential (often against the odds).

Looking for talent in unexpected places, seeing past the superficial, recognising the context for someone’s achievements and valuing potential and transferable skills ensures that talented people can progress.

Our CEO, Paul Corcoran, said it best, “We don’t want to sit in an echo chamber. We want diversity of thought. We want young people to know that there is a place for them at the table.”

Agent Academy’s goal is simple but powerful – raise aspirations, increase opportunities, and change lives.


“Having our skill noticed by others is what sparks pride.” Chip and Dan Heath.


A few months ago, Zoe Wallace recommended “The Power of Moments” by Chip and Dan Heath – which I finished across a few train journeys between Liverpool and Manchester. It underpinned that our true power lies in the individual moments of impact that we can create.

Agent Academy is determined to keep raising aspirations, increasing opportunities and creating deliberate moments with a lasting impact, and helping the young people we work with get seen in the digital, tech, and creative spaces – regardless of their starting point.


What does advancing social mobility on our programmes really mean?


  • – Immersion, immersion, immersion. Hands-on client briefs bridge the classroom and boardrood, so learners can tackle real-world challenges and showcase their potential.


  • – You can’t be what you can’t see. Industry leaders become “rockstars” for a day in our Speaker Sessions, where they share insights and spark inspiration.


  • – 1-1 personal development planning meetings with our programme participants to support and motivate them through honest conversations.


  • – Partnering with amazing companies and professionals opens up a world of diverse career paths and helps young people build valuable professional networks.


As for me, I came into working with young people because of a desire to make a difference. My own story is one I always draw strength from. My parents came here from Aruba and St Lucia in the 1950s and 60s, working their way through significant barriers to become successes in medicine and education in Manchester, the city I love, and passed on the baton to me.

I enjoyed my 17 years as a teacher. But working as a leader in the education system, it was clear that social mobility goes beyond educational attainment; it involved recognising and nurturing potential in every individual.

Personally, I experienced the transformative power of being supported by those who saw my potential, especially in a field where diversity of representation is extremely limited (in 2023, Black Caribbean teachers made up only 1.1% of the workforce).


How do you champion social mobility in your tech, digital or creative spaces?

This Social Mobility Day, I invite you to share your moments that matter.

Share your story or a powerful moment in the comment. Let’s keep the conversation going!